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Friday, October 19 2018
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Revelation Module Set Gold Edition
Saturday, 01 August 2009 00:00


Revelation is a module set for the modular concept boards originally introduced by Mephisto. These boards are unfortunately no longer sold, by were know in three variations, the Munchen, the Exclusive and the Modular. The Revelation Module  is based upon a 500Mhz Xscale processor and produces a chess rating of over 2700+ ELO. In this picture the Revelation Module is placed int the Modular Board.


Revelation Module Set Gold plates

You can buy the module set for 1.849 Euro including VAT.


One of the unique features is that you can select between several onboard engines. At this time Revelation contains 7 distinct engines and 11 engines (versions) in total :


HIARCS 13 BY MARK UNIACKE. (Active ELO : > 2700)


DEEP SJENG 1.8 & 3.0 BY GIAN-CARLO PASCUTTO. (SSDF ELO ~2550 / Active ELO : 2665)

RYBKA 2.2n8 BY VASIK RAJLICH. (SSDF ELO ~2650 / Active Elo : 2548)


Menu driven chess system
OLED Graphical LCD display containing 128*64 pixels
All kinds of engine information regarding moves, depth of thinking, variants and systems messages.
Setup board
Take back of complete game
64 levels of gameplay, changeable by user
Analyse function
Save and Load Game
Sound indicates certain conditions during play
Reverse Board
Select Engine (onboard engines or remote pc engines by Bluetooth)
Configure all available Engine options (Hash, Pondering, etc..)
Language (English and German)

Upload new engine or firmware by serial cable or bluetooth module

Running engines on your pc, natively used by Revelation


Technical data

Xscale 500 Mhz, 32MB Ram from which 8MB to 16MB is used for hash. OLED active green display. Using the bluetooth module you can update the module and use it for running engines on your pc.

Oled display, running the complete system :

Image Image

Features :

The Revelation Module set is 100% compatible with the interface used in the modular concept boards originally introduced by Mephisto. Please be advised that Phoenix Chess Systems has tested numerous boards regarding power issues. Some older modular boards (around 5%) have power circuitry which are not sufficient for this Module set. If you have questions regarding using a older modular board ask Phoenix Chess Systems.

The module set operates in Munchen, Exclusive or Modular boards from Mephisto (later Saitek). Bavaria and S-type board are not compatible.