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Wednesday, April 24 2019
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New Emulations & Display for Reflection Module
Tuesday, 02 April 2019 20:50

It has been some time before we could start on developing more emulations for the Reflection Module. We would like to have started this earlier but in this quarter of 2019 we have reserved time for this development. Furthermore some customers have asked for a second lcd module. We are also developing this module. This will help enlarge readibility as some customers experience the current lcd in de program module as to small. The add-on display will have twice the surface and is similar as the original display we implemented on the Revelation and Resurrection II modules. Pricing will be 249 Euro for the combination of this new lcd module and addtional emulations. Please let us know if you would like to reserve this lcd module + extra emulations or if you would like to acquire a complete set. We will then have a good indication on how many module we will have to build in stock. This lcd module will fit your current Reflection module, as the new frontplate is in the same design as the Reflection module frontplate.

Revelation II Anniversary Edition at Phoenix Chess Systems.
Friday, 01 February 2019 00:00
Phoenix Chess Systems is very proud to announce the Revelation II Anniversary Edition, in short the "REVII AE".

This system makes use of the fact that the Revelation II is upgradable with newer processors, and after 5 years we are launching the REVII AE with the newer IMX7D processor, dual core and 1GB of internal memory. This opens up the road towards newer engines like the included latest Komodo engine. Also the latest Hiarcs and Shredder are included, as well as a number of new shareware engines and Stockfish 10. The three commercial engines now have more hash-memory and use the dual core option. The system now contains 20 native engines and 18 opening books.

The 2019 Full Edition of the emulations are also available as a full edition for the REVII AE. These include 24 emulations from the glory days of the Chess Computer World Champion history. And during 2019 we will add extra emulations starting with the Novag Robot Adversary and Fidelity V2.

Pricing for the Anniversary Edition 2019 deal : REVII AE with Timeless Pieces including the carrying bag for 2.799 Euro (including 21% VAT).
As a combined package (REVII AE + Timeless Piece Set and 2019 Full Edition Emulation) we can offer this for 3.449 Euro (including 21% VAT).

Get your system and support straight from Phoenix Chess Systems. We will inspect and test your system before sending, and we will also enter your name in the system, to give it an extra personal touch in acquiring the system at our company. A signed certificate will be added...

..  So you can buy in confidence ..
.. Offer valid until end of june 2019 ..

Do it Yourself Upgrade REVII to Anniversary Edition at Phoenix Chess Systems.
Friday, 01 February 2019 00:00
Phoenix Chess Systems is also releasing the upgrade kit towards REVII AE as a do it yourself option.

A promise is a promise. We announced in 2013 that your REVII could be upgraded in the future and we keep our word. We can perform an upgrade for you to the newer processor at our location or at one of the tournaments in Germany, the first in april. Or you can do it yourself. For our customers who recently bought a Revelation II at Phoenix Chess Systems we will also give you a small discount depending on how recent your system was acquired at Phoenix Chess Systems. 
We will also prepare the kit with all emulations you already had on your current REV II.
Please be advised that this an upgrade, and that we would like the old processor returned for licensing reasons.

Pricing for the upgrade towards the Anniversary Edition : 499 Euro (including 21% VAT).
If you already have the base emulations you can upgrade to the Full 2019 Edition : add 250 Euro (including 21% VAT).
No emulations yet? But you like the upgrade kit with Full 2019 Emulations pre loaded : add 650 Euro (including 21% VAT).

..  So you can upgrade in confidence ..
.. Offer valid until end of june 2019 ..

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